You’ve recently bought a new car, but something is squeaking and clattering in the passenger compartment and the facia panel all the time, and it’s impossible to hear anything but the sound of tires rubbing pavement once the car speed exceeds 60 km/h. Even in new modern premium-class vehicles standard factory-supplied noise insulation is usually far from perfect.

The modern pace of life leaves us not so many opportunities to spend time with our families, and we appreciate every chance to be together.

Imagine, that you’ve picked up your child from school. The Spanish class, swimming pool and checking homework till midnight are waiting for you. And it appears that the time you’ll spend driving is that rare opportunity to have a talk, hear the news, ask about the kid’s day. How on earth is it possible to do it if traffic noise overlays all other sounds, and you can’t even hear your child sitting on the back seat? So you start raising your voice, turning back, being distracted from the road, and stressing out.

Or imagine another situation. Finally, once in a blue moon, you’ve found time to go to the countryside with your family or friends, or to go to another city or even country, and you’d like it to be like in video ads – people are sitting in a comfortable car, singing songs, talking to each other. But in reality all you can do is shout at each other and repeat questions and answers. And once you come out on the main road, you can forget about chatting at all – the sound of tires rubbing pavement overlays any audio system, let alone voices. And then you start a breathtaking game – how to get to another patch of new smooth pavement and for a few seconds feel as if the car flies up, and the cloud of silence embraces you. You even start hearing the words of songs! But you’re unlikely to have time to talk to your passengers, as the smooth pavement ends and you find yourself again on the noisy rustling rugged pavement. The only thing which is good about it – if it starts raining, this ruggy pavement will ensure better road-tire adherence than the smooth and noiseless one. There’s no rose without a thorn.

Sometimes the time on the road is extremely important for your business, and your passenger is your partner or client whom you’re driving to a new object they are going to invest in. Fateful decisions can be made right in the car. And even if you’re driving an executive car, it is not guaranteed that you’re protected from irritating noises in the passenger compartment.

Finally, let’s not forget about ourselves! We all are already stressed out enough, and unwanted sounds in the passenger compartment can be a real challenge for our suffering mind. Yes, sometimes we can enjoy the roaring engine sounds, but not during the whole journey! And what about those strange squeaking sounds in the facia panel you can’t explain?.. You can’t even think about anything else! Or the sound of tires rubbing pavement – you turn on the audio system and make music louder and louder. As a result, you get a headache for several hours.

We can hardly do anything about the quality of road pavement, but we definitely can upgrade the car! Standartplast has created a solution for each type of noise bothering us in a vehicle. To get rid of the noise of working engine, you need to soundproof the space between the engine and the passenger compartment. For you to be able to have a quiet talk in a car, we’ve created effective soundproofing materials.

The problem of noise of tires rubbing pavement can be solved by soundproofing wheel arches. We can even help you get rid of irritating squeaks and clatters in the dash board – we’ve designed truly awesome anti-squeak tapes for gaps between decorative plastic elements and the metal of the car body.

Note that for each area of a vehicle that should be soundproofed we produce special materials with appropriate characteristics, thickness and weight, because each of them solves particular problems and is the most effective only on its area. We achieve such results because we base our production on the scientific approach. Our materials are tested by the accredited laboratory of vibroacoustic testing, and we launch on the market only those meeting our requirements and solving particular problems.

One important thing – the sound insulating materials produced by Standartplast are not luxury products which only very few people can afford along with an executive car. Each and every car owner will find high quality materials according to their needs and income.

We’ll help you defeat noise and turn your car into the space of comfort and tranquility.

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