Neltronics NSR-73R

Rear View Mirror with 7.3” Screen & 3 Camera inputs

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The 7.3” widescreen can display a rear camera and 2 side/blind-spot cameras. Triggered by either reverse gear or indicators, the screen will display the camera automatically or can display a specific camera manually with the soft touch controls on the left of the screen. Manually switch between rear, left or right, or both left and right together. The screen is invisible when not in use, so looks like a standard mirror. Connect any cameras with RCA plugs. Available in a kit with 2 side mount cameras

  • 7.3” widescreen monitor
  • 3 Camera inputs
  • Adjustable reverse guide lines
  • Auto-brightness screen
  • 3 Triggers (reverse & L/R indicators)
  • Soft touch manual controls
  • Resolution: 1280 x 400 pixels
  • PAL/NTSC Auto Switching
  • Size (mm): 85(H) x 240 (W) x 50 (D)
  • Power: 12v DC


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